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Peggy is a leading executive, insurance professional, community advocate, runner (nearly 70 races and still counting), mother and grandmother. She has also added author and speaker to her list, sharing her touching story and empowering messages with others.

As senior vice president of sales and marketing, Peggy Larsen made history as the first female executive at WCF Insurance, Utah’s largest multibillion-dollar workers comp insurance company. She is also president of Univantage Insurance Solutions; she received the Salt Lake Chamber’s prestigious Athena Award; and she serves on the board of several organizations, including United Way, Utah Manufacturers Association, Sandy Chamber of Commerce, Utah Business Week, and the Utah Trucking Association.

But that’s just the “end” of the story.

The beginning and middle are what’s amazing—a runaway hippie at 13, pregnant and married by age 17 to a young man who became abusive, she escaped it all to start out on her own with nothing more than a high school diploma and a baby to feed. She’s faced some of life’s biggest tragedies (losing a young daughter and battling breast cancer to name a few) and despite it all, she’s a beautiful example of the power to overcome and be a light to others.

True to Peggy’s nature, proceeds from both her book and speaking engagements go directly to empowering single mothers and young women to not only survive—but to thrive, through AmberCo Services and their 501(c)3, Amber Haven Foundation, the nonprofit she and her husband started in honor of their daughter, Amber.

“I just keep thinking about the amazing and inspirational speech you gave …. Your story, as well as your persistence and never-give-up attitude are so uplifting.” – Kaylee Z.



I Am a Warriorpeggy illuminate 1
Life is a battle, but as we discover how to harness our own inner strength—and rely on each other—we can not only survive, but thrive! Peggy shares her hard-won insights about overcoming adversity, leaving behind self-defeating patterns, and achieving personal and professional success.

Leading with Heart
Business leadership is all about strategy—but it’s also about understanding how to motivate people to change, improve, and collaborate. Learn from Peggy’s more than 20 years in executive management, as she shares her top three keys for leadership success.

Beyond Your Wildest
Aspiration. Hope. Success. Explore how to do more than just dream—find out how to get in motion and take practical steps toward overcoming life’s biggest challenges and achieving success.




peggy book club“I just keep thinking about the amazing and inspirational speech you gave …. Your story, as well as your persistence and never-give-up attitude are so uplifting. I appreciate so much seeing a successful, strong woman in the business world, making a difference and leading others in a professional way. Thank you for being so authentic with us and entrusting us with your amazing story. Thank you for showing me that no matter what knocks me down, getting up is my only option. And thank you for being such a powerful example.” – Kaylee Z.

“Thank you for sharing your story at Illuminate. I am a better person for having heard it.” – Savannah A.

“Peggy, your warrior story is powerful and inspiring and it was so brave of you to share it with all of us. Thank you.” – Brittany T.

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