Emptying Our Closets – And Filling Theirs!

Thanks to all who dropped off donations (piles of them!) to help Women Helping Women this month. All of us at WCF Insurance and AmberCo Services couldn’t be more grateful for your help!


I remember going through my closet, looking for something, anything to wear that looked remotely presentable. It was 1971. I had just moved back to Barstow, California (more like, escaped), and I desperately needed a job so my baby and I could move out of my parents’ home. We had fled LA, where my soon-to-be ex-husband had beaten me one too many times. I was ready to start over and make a new life for little Randy and me.

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women helping womenMake your spring cleaning count – donate professional women’s clothing and help women dress for success this week! It’s all part of empowering women to thrive! #BeyondMyWildest

I’d like to invite everyone to join AmberCo and WCF Insurance in our community-wide volunteer effort – supporting Women Helping Women, a program operated by the Junior League of Salt Lake City.

WHAT: Drop off your gently used PROFESSIONAL women’s clothing and essentials to WCF Insurance. Donations may include:

  • Women’s business clothes: pants, tops, skirts, suits
  • Accessories: purses, scarves, jewelry, shoes (in decent condition), winter coats
  • Essentials: brand new bras, brand new underwear, brand new toiletries

WHEN: TODAY through June 8

WHERE: Drop off your donations in the front lobby:

WCF Insurance

100 W. Towne Ridge Pkwy, Sandy, UT 84070

WHY: Women Helping Women is a program that supports women entering the workforce, who are in transition towards self-sufficiency. AmberCo and WCF are pleased to support this important program!

My husband Jim and I founded AmberCo with the mission of “empowering single mothers and young women to not only survive—but to thrive.” We named the foundation in honor of our daughter Amber, who passed away after a brief but beautiful 19 months of life, and we’re excited to be in the process of establishing its 501(c)3 division, Amber Haven, so we can do even more to help women improve their lives.

Having been a single mother myself, struggling to pay the rent and feed my baby, I know all too well how difficult it is to overcome personal obstacles and move ahead with work, all while caring for your little ones. This clothing drive is just the first of many things we’ll be doing to help empower women. Join us – go to www.amberco.org, click “Follow” on our News and Blog pages.



Professional Women’s Panel … Melts into Hugs

It was after a recent professional women in business panel that I got to meet some inspiring young women – and feel the joy of helping them believe they can overcome obstacles and pursue their own bright futures. What inspires you on your professional journey? Leave a comment and share it! #BeyondMyWildest


The best part about the event for me? The young women who came up afterward and asked me for a hug.

I recently joined a panel discussion for professional women in business at the Salt Lake Business Conference. What a privilege to share the stage with Jane Ann Craig (Jane Ann Craig, International) and Tricia Schuman (BachHealth), along with my dear friend and colleague Katie Holland (Corporate Alliance). Each of us was asked to share our perspective on overcoming obstacles throughout our careers—and lives. As anyone who has read my memoir, Beyond My Wildest, knows, I wasn’t at a loss for words on this topic.


I shared that I was raised in the tradition that dads worked and moms stayed home. I didn’t know any women who worked and had no idea that women could be professionals. If it weren’t for the circumstances I found myself in – a single mom running from an abusive husband at 18 – I probably wouldn’t have even thought about getting a job, let alone pursuing a career.

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Easter Eggs Filled with … Love

From the Easter egg hunts when the kids are young to symbols of love and renewal, what does Easter mean to you?


When our kids were young, the coming of Easter meant so many things. We never had a lot, so it meant scraping together our loose change to get treats for their baskets. And there was always the big egg-coloring day. The years we had chickens in our yard back in California, we’d go out and gather piles of fresh eggs. I’d line up the cups just as my mom had when I was young, filled with red, blue, green, pink and orange food coloring and vinegar (oh vinegar – something my mom used for everything, from a shiny hair rinse for us girls to window cleaner to a tablespoon-full just for good health – I guess?). The boys would go to town on the eggs, dipping, dying, and adding a few personal touches with half-broken crayons.

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